The establishment of the Basic and Translational Cancer Research Center (BTCRC) since March 2021, aspires to bring cancer scientists together, mainly from the Departments of Life Sciences and Medicine at European University Cyprus, and aims to advance the knowledge on various cancer-related research areas. Members of the BTCRC include Faculty, researchers and students who explore multiple facets regarding the development, diagnosis and/or treatment of various tumor types. The interdisciplinary nature of BTCRC encourages scientists and experts to apply their individual knowledge and experiences offering their own research perspective. The developing BTCRC state-of-the-art research capacity will be in the unique position to address fundamental biological and clinical questions across different cancer types. Importantly, BTCRC also aims to become affiliated with other cancer-oriented research and professional organizations, foundations, networks, etc. at the national and international level. Overall, the BTCRC creates collaborative research environment with other local and international Academic Institutions, Research Centers, Hospitals and Clinics that is hugely beneficial to the scientific endeavor. Its long-term aspiration is to become a catalyst for novel discoveries in the areas of Basic, Translational and Clinical cancer research, thus contributing to the global efforts for a day when all cancers will be cured or, at least, become a chronic disease.


Our mission is to conduct high-quality research focusing on two main axes:

a) Basic research on the molecular mechanisms underlying tumor development, progression and metastasis, and

b) Translational research to facilitate the transfer of acquired new knowledge from the laboratory to the clinic and vice-versa (bench-to-bedside and back approach), aiming at revealing new perspectives and therapeutic approaches that could be applied in the clinic in the fight against cancer to eventually improve patients’ quality of life. 


Our vision for BTCRC is to become a well-reputed, international point of reference for researchers in the field of Basic Cancer Research and Translational Oncology, as well as for health professionals associated with cancer patient care.

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